Little Loves – New Balance, green juice and The Deep

I am thankful for Instagram when writing Little Loves posts. I only joined three weeks ago but it is a great way to look back on the week.


My reading of actual books has gone to pot over the last couple of weeks. I try so hard not to read my food and craft books, but they always suck me back in. Inspire has made an appearance this week. I did read Women’s Health and LOOK magazine though (!) Jared is away for 6 days from Saturday and I’ve got a few books I want to plough through.


Lots of fish. We had such a nice time at The Deep on Wednesday with three friends. I find fish really therapeutic to watch and Rufus particularly loved it too. They have the most gorgeous penguins there too – I loved watching them swimming and rolling around.

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Why I love my Mountain Buggy Duet

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIt took us a long time to decide which double buggy to buy. I walk a lot and our local town is a three mile round trip so I knew Winston wouldn’t manage it for a while. I decided against a tiered one almost straight away – I hated the thought of the little one underneath looking at a blank space, and if our second baby was going to be anything like Winston they would just scream! So Phil & Ted’s were out, along with a few others.

After a lot of research and visits to Kiddicare we decided on three options, and chances are if you are double buggy searching you’ve come across all of them:

– Baby Jogger City Mini Double – side by side

– Baby Jogger City Select – can be single or double

– Mountain Buggy Duet – side by side

The main reason we decided on the Mountain Buggy Duet is due to the width. Despite looking robust (which it is) and bulky it is only 63cm wide, 13cm slimmer than the City Mini. It fits through single doors, which is key for me as I like popping in and out of shops. The main reason we decided against the City Select is although it’s versatile (16 different combinations), it seemed to have lots of attachments and the seats are in set positions. I know lots of people that have the City Select and the City Mini who absolutely love them. It is really a question of lifestyle.  Continue reading

A weekend with grandparents

Both sets of grandparents live about 50 minutes away from our house, so although they’re not around the corner, they’re certainly not miles away either. We manage to see both sets once, maybe twice a month. Winston cannot get enough of them and has always felt that way. Rufus on the other hand is still not that keen on anyone except Jared and I, but he’s getting there. He doesn’t cry, he just gives them a look as if to say: “I’d prefer not to, but I will if I have to”. They are so different.

Last weekend we saw lots of both sets and it was so nice. Jared was working on Friday, but the three of us went swimming with my parents and family. They stayed in for almost three hours splashing about and going on the slides with their aunts and uncles. After swimming the boys and I hopped on a train to Jared’s parents house to meet Jared and then stay over. We ate dinner together, I went to a friend’s house and Jared put the boys to bed.




SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2015″.

W: I love this one of Win – he’s got paint on his nose from the binoculars we made. It’s a face he pulls when he’s trying to join in with the joke or conversation, but doesn’t really have any idea what you’re laughing at!

R: I will take a decent picture of Ru soon, but I wanted to remember the moment he fell asleep at the swimming pool. We went with lots of my family and ended up being in the pool just under 3 hours – a long time for anyone, never mind a one year old. My sister noticed that as he sat in the showers he was closing his eyes and bobbing his head. I scooped him up and he was asleep in an instant. I put him on a towel on the changing room floor and dressed him whilst he slept! Completely clapped out.

E xx

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I managed to catch up with the boys’ baby books this week which was much needed. File birthday cards, store pictures and write down things they do and say. I love reading the journals my parents wrote for me, so I really want to be good at it. I’m child number five and they still managed to write a decent amount, and then helped me write my own. I also write an email update every few months detailing their personalities, things they do, their likes and dislikes, people they like and everything in between, so it was good to get caught up with that too. It makes me realise how different they are from each other.

I have very few pictures of me and the boys so we’ve had a few impromptu photo sessions which have been hilarious. Ru can’t bear not to cuddle any horizontal human, so he constantly tries to head butt your face and get super close. We’re definitely going to do it more often. They love it and so do I.

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