Mum knows best

As a parent do you ever say something and then cringe, because you sound exactly like one of your own parents? I know I do – particularly my Mum. Not only am I starting to sound like her, she is also the first person I turn to when I need some parenting advice. Being a mother of so many, she’s had plenty of practice! 

It turns out that I’m not alone. According to a recent survey conducted by Nelsons Teetha®Teething Granules it really is mum who knows best. 

When women go on to have their own families it has been found that:

– 63% of new mums trust their own mother’s advice over any other family member, with their partner coming second at 16%. 

– 25% of new mums would go with their partner’s advice, however a whopping 55% of new mums trust their own mother’s advice, over their partners. 

– 9% of new mums ignore their partner’s advice very often and 63% occasionally ignore them.

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 “A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2015″.

I’m not sure how I managed to capture this moment but Win held Ru’s hand, brought him to the sand and took his shoes off. A caring, gentle gesture amongst the rough and tumble of being a three year old boy.

E xx

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A finished clothesline playhouse and a crafty giveaway

The week before we went on holiday Jared laid turf in our back garden and planted an apple tree. After a year of it being an unusable muddy clay pit, it was incredibly exciting to see turf going down. When we get back from our travels it should be ready for us to play on, so I made sure I finished the clothesline playhouse I started a few months ago and made a picnic blanket. I love any excuse to eat outside – it makes the world an even happier place. 

Both the playhouse and the picnic blanket are taken from my favourite craft book ‘Homemade Home for Children‘. I never tire of looking at the projects in there. For the playhouse,Winston chose all the fabric colours and decided what number went on the door. Two of the windows are pockets to store snacks and cuddly toys in.

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photo (84)“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2015″

W: Win teaches me so much. This week his thirst for knowledge has been very present and I’ve loved watching his mind work. We have turf now in the garden so we can start organising everything else very soon. I found Win climbing on our empty chicken house with no shoes on.

R: I think this is my favourite ever picture of Rubear. He looks so content and his rotund belly is on show for all to see. He’s playing with the goodies I managed to spot at a car boot sale – £2 Ikea truck, £1 animals and a 50p tee.

E xx

Linking up with Jodi from the wonderful Practising Simplicity.

#LittleLoves – tiredness, car boot sales and cycling

I have been tired this week, it happens to me every few of months and I’ve been less patient than usual with the boys. It doesn’t help when you have lots of little jobs to do either, that are a lot less convenient with two little ones (!) It’s still been lovely though and we’ve managed to be out every day. I’m terrible at going to bed early so I only have myself to blame!

I attended Blog On MOSI last Saturday (even though it seems like ages ago now) and I had a really lovely time. I can’t say I learnt much (am I allowed to say that?) but I did meet quite a few new faces and enjoy the energy of the day.

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