#LittleLoves – swimming, brownies and early morning gym classes

We’ve been out of the house a lot this week, dinner has been eaten later and the boys have both been shattered by bedtime. It has been fun to be a little out of routine.

I have managed to get to the gym twice this week for 6:30am, which I feel is a minor breakthrough. It has been brilliant to have our evenings freer.

This is quite random but I have started a book called ‘The Clan of the Cave Bear’ by Jean M.Auel. It is about a girl who is adopted into a Neanderthal tribe. Jean is respected by renowned scientists, archaeologists and anthropologists around the world for her extensive research. I don’t know much about how Neanderthals lived so I’m very intrigued.  Continue reading

Allergenius event at Eureka

I briefly mentioned in #LittleLoves last week that the boys and I (along with 8 other bloggers) attended an event held at Eureka! courtesy of ao.com. We’ve been to Eureka! before, but Ru was a couple of months old, the weather wasn’t great and Win kept getting intimidated by the groups of school children, so I was very happy to be invited back.

The day started with breakfast followed by activities, crafts, learning about allergies in the home, lunch and an afternoon exploring Eureka!. The weather was truly gorgeous, so the boys spent a lot of time outside in the sand pit.

photo (35)

After the sand pit we headed to have a look inside. Winston is incredibly cliché when it comes to interests, so we spent most of our time in the car garage. He really wasn’t interested in much else, despite the mini M&S, post office, bank and  many other areas looking very tempting (to me anyway)…but what do I know?  Continue reading

An afternoon exploring

Winston isn’t particularly outdoorsy. Whilst he loves being outside, he’s not one of those children itching to get out of the door in the morning, and he doesn’t seem to have lots of extra energy that he needs to burn off. It’s unusual that we stay indoors for a whole day, but Winston is very happy if drawing, making things, painting and reading books are the only things on the agenda.

Both boys aren’t sleeping particularly well at the moment, which has come as a bit of a shock. Winston has always been brilliant and Ru was just getting there with consistently sleeping through. Thankfully they seem very settled during the day, which I am so relieved about – I’m not sure I could cope otherwise!

Winston asked to go out on his bike again and managed all the way to town and back. I couldn’t believe it! He was so happy hopping on and of his bike collecting ‘surprises’ (as he calls them) to add to his treasure box. I love how Winston reminds me of the everyday beauty that is all around us, and I love how he is so desperate to show me everything. Win and I have become good friends – I feel that we are understanding one another more each day.

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farmer copleys slide

the 52 project week 15“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2015″

W: We went to the Easter event at Farmer Copley’s this week and Winston loved the inflatable slide. His speech has come on a lot over the last couple of months. My favourite word he uses is “actually”, it sounds so grown up.

R: I love this iPhone snap capturing his droopy cheeks. Ru has taken his first steps this week, so hopefully it won’t be long until he’s walking!

E xx

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#LittleLoves – bike riding, ‘courgetti’ and a wedding.

I intentionally missed out on #LittleLoves last week. A long weekend is precious and I wanted to keep it all to myself. Greedy of me, I know. All I will say is that we spent it with lots of friends and family and that we ate too much chocolate, of course! Over the weekend I was introduced to a new game called ‘Set’ that we played about 100 times. My family (including me) are all very competitive and it is great fun.


I have a stack of proper books waiting to be read, but I’ve been naughty and bought ‘Deliciously Ella’. I have been looking at it all the time and I am already a big fan. I feel ridiculous saying this, but I feel like my cookery book collection is complete. I wondered what could possibly be in there that is different to all of the others, but I was mistaken. It’s really, really fantastic and very simple. I have no plans to become a vegan though.


Last week I watched ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ when Jared was out one night last week. It’s very unlike me to watch a film. I probably wouldn’t watch it again but I definitely enjoyed it.

Another thing I have ‘watched’ is Winston riding his bike. He hasn’t been on it for a couple of months and I could not believe the difference. He rode the whole way to town (about 1.5 miles) without moaning. Absolutely unheard of. He usually rides it for about 10 minutes and then decides he is too tired. I could not believe my eyes, or ears! The t-shirt was a happy coincidence.

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