strawberry picking farmer copleys“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2015″

I feel like the three of us are a proper little team now, and I love the dynamic that we have on our outings. Ru is so happy pottering around and I love chatting to Win. We spent a couple of hours strawberry picking on Friday – the sun was beating down and there were so many strawberries to be picked.

W: Win has learnt to write his name this week – a little milestone that he is immensely proud of.

R: Once I’d put a few strawberries in Ru’s punnet there was no way he was letting go of it – he clung onto it for dear life. Despite not picking one single strawberry he sat down and ate the whole punnet just before the end. I couldn’t believe how he just kept on going. He’s using new sounds all the time and I love watching his personality unravel. Continue reading

#LittleLoves – days out, cousins and onesies of all kinds

This week has gone by in a flash and I cannot believe that it’s Friday already! or July for that matter.

It has been so hot and being out most days has certainly taken its toll on the house – floors that should have been hoovered, washing that needs to be done and lots of bits that need tidying. Summer only comes once people and the house can wait. (That’s what I tell myself anyway). I get in a mad panic to go everywhere when it’s hot, who knows when the sun will make an appearance again? Win starts nursery for two days a week in September, so I also feel panicky that we’re heading towards the end of an era.
IMAG1953 (1)

Swimwear has been adorned most days, and whenever they are in their matching charity shop onesies, I find myself bursting into random fits of laughter. They are so old school. Win is enthusiastically telling his friend that she has a bum and he has a willy. What a charmer. Continue reading

A mini garden

Win and I have been working on his mini garden when we’ve had snippets of time. I took Win to the garden centre one afternoon so that he could choose some plants. He chose a marigold, an alyssum, sunflowers, tomatoes and a tiny conifer tree. I tried to persuade him to choose a slightly bigger conifer tree, but he would not be moved in the slightest! He was so sure about all of his choices.


We’ve added a slide, a tent, a path, a tree with bunting, a bench, a pond and a swing. I’m not sure if the ‘pond’ will attract any sort of wildlife, but hopefully the birds will enjoy it if nothing else. Win’s mini garden is already making the garden feel much more cheery and we enjoyed deciding where to place everything. Continue reading

Creating a natural first kit for the home

I have (and love) the usual Calpol and cough medicine in our home, but I love the remarkable effect of other products and wouldn’t be without them. Nature is beautiful, magical and so healing. The boys haven’t had anything major, just the usual coughs, colds, bronchiolitis (which I loathe), blocked noses, ear ache and teething, but I try to use the doctor’s as a last resort, rather than first point of call. I’m the opposite of a hypochondriac (is there a word?), which I’m slightly worried will be a bad thing one day!


Here is what is essential in our home:

Eucalyptus essential oil – To help clear airways and reduce tension. I like to use a drop or two in a bowl of hot water, or applied to my chest or back. My favourite essential oils without a doubt are those made by DoTERRA, not only because they smell far superior, but because they are so pure, they can be ingested too. Essential oils must always be kept out of reach of children. Continue reading


IMG_2617“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2015″

Well, half a year has gone, how crazy is that? Ru is a walking, ‘talking’ toddler and Win is very much a little boy. At the moment I lightly encourage shove them in the garden when I’m cooking dinner so I can cook in peace. It works well most of the time.

Although they love the fountains of water, they prefer to watch them rather than go in! Typical.

E xx

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