My weekend in London with friends

On Saturday it was Jared and I’s 6th wedding anniversary – I spent it in London with my two best friends and he spent it in Yorkshire with our two boys. Jared hurriedly passed me plastic bag of goodies before I got on the train, and I left him some breakfast things along with a present and a card. Although that’s not the norm, we’re both quite practical people and when your best friends are free the very same weekend; it is a no brainer. Last year was our 5th anniversary (nothing like stating the obvious), but Ru had just joined us, so I’m pretty sure it was spent on the sofa watching Revenge. Who said romance is dead?

It was my first time away from Rufus and I felt surprisingly ok about it. Jared is more than capable of keeping them both safe and happy, however I still ended up getting dinner ready, preparing breakfast, packing their overnight bags, ironing all their Sunday clothes and laying out the boys’ clothes for each day along with coats, hats and gloves. I wanted them to just have fun together, so I tried to minimise the practical stresses that are second nature to me. They played sports, went to a party, had a sleepover and went to see Granny & Granddad. Neither of the boys showed any sign of wanting to see me again, and Winston keeps asking me if I can work instead of Daddy which I find rather amusing.


The Ordinary Moments #4 – By the heater


When Jared suggested getting a built-in electric heater in the kitchen I remember scoffing and using the words ‘pointless’ and ‘excessive’. I also described getting a dishwasher ‘excessive’, but you should see how eager I am to shove every conceivable piece of kitchenware in it. I really should think before I speak sometimes. I put him wanting one down to nostalgia; as his parents have one, but little did I know I would become its biggest fan. Positioned below the hob it is perfect for keeping my thermal sock clad feet excessively warm, and it’s a cosy place for the boys to snack after returning from the cold outside. It’s becoming a regular spot for the three of us to sit and appreciate the instant stream of warm air. I’ve caught Winston lying in front of it more than a couple of times –  probably because he still insists on wearing shorts indoors which drives me slightly bonkers.

I love this picture because they are so focussed on what they are eating (raisins) and it highlights how dinky Rufus is. People used to comment how small Winston was for his age and it’s starting to happen more and more with little Ru. He is still showing no desire to walk so I’m rather glad he’s light.

I highly recommend built-in kitchen heaters!

E xx


E xx

A steady January

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI’ve heard lots of people describing January as gloomy and dreary, but I’m enjoying the steadiness it has brought with it – along with the leafless trees, winter sun and unusual skies that we seem to be waking up to. The boys have seen their cousins lots, we’ve stayed in a little more, watched a few films, organised the house, had more afternoon baths, revisited potential preschools, been out in the snow, drank hot chocolate and generally slowed down. Rufus has had the most hideous cold so he’s been quite miserable, but Winston has been fantastic company (unless it is meal time, or time to get dressed!)

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Blog love – my favourites

Every so often my husband asks me why I started blogging and what motivated me, and we can never decide on the answer to either of them! The answers are far clearer for the now – the motivation is definitely to keep a family record, as well as being an outlet for thoughts and ideas.

I love learning new things, being inspired by new ideas, looking at beautiful photos, realising I’m a ‘normal’ parent (what ever that means?), discovering new places and making things, so I wanted to share with you my very random assortment of ‘go-to’ blogs. I can’t seem to shift my preference from books to online for food, crafts, health, sewing and exercise. I love nothing more than a big fat recipe book full of healthy meals, an exercise magazine or a gorgeous book of things to make.

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The Ordinary Moments #3 – Waiting for Mummy to get ready…

reading morning boys

I’ve finally admitted to myself that I take a while to get ready in a morning. I like to tell myself I’m a ‘ready in 5 -10 minutes’ sort of girl, but in reality it’s more like 20-25 minutes. This poses a very obvious problem, and some days it is near impossible to achieve a minimum level of grooming that I very rarely (if ever) won’t leave the house without. I’m certainly no stranger to rushing out of the house with a bed head, sans deodorant or un-ironed clothes, but the minimum must be achieved!

I’m also a big believer in a lovely coat and nice shoes to avoid exposing the multitude of sins that lie beneath – be it stained clothes or random clothing combinations! Continue reading