#LittleLoves – friends, crumble and nursery

Yesterday and today I have two friends I met when I lived in London staying with me. I haven’t seen one of them for years and years, so it has been brilliant to be reunited. I’m not sure what we’ll get up to today.

Win really enjoyed visiting nursery. He was cross with me that he couldn’t stay all day – I’m taking that as a good thing. I love imagining him sitting there with his little lunch box chatting away. I am so excited for him, and I can tell is thrilled that he gets to do something different to Ru – something completely his own.

Our camping trip last weekend was a lot of fun. Well, we survived!

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Dining in the garden

Our garden is crying out for a little more TLC after our complete overhaul last summer. It’s a small, but very sweet garden that I really want to make the most of. I would love to create a little cosy dining area, so we can truly enjoy the space next summer. There is something magical about eating outside, and when you live in the UK you have to grab the opportunity with both hands. It seems like kilim rugs, battered wooden furniture, flowers, greenery and Morrocan pouffes are what I am lusting after. I love the idea of sitting cross legged on a rug to keep things simple, beautiful and child friendly.

I thought I would share some images that are keeping me happy, inspired and yearning for warmer climes.

Aren’t they just gorgeous? I would need an entire shed to keep just the cushions in…I don’t think I’ll ever be able to justify that one!

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Camping and wakeboarding

After wakeboarding at my sister’s hen party, I vowed to do it again before the centre closed for the winter. I absolutely loved it – the cool water and the freedom you feel as you glide along. It’s wonderful, even though your arms and shoulders certainly feel it the next day. A trip wakeboarding then spiralled into a camping trip with some friends, which turned out to be a winning combination.

We bought a tent a couple of months ago and we’ve been keen to go on a mini family camping trip to test it out. After contacting a few camp sites that were fully booked, we decided to camp at my parents house – the perfect cop out starter experience, I say. 11894637_10153062236627304_1732992638657052506_o Continue reading


IMG_3338“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2015″

W: Win has been cheeky this week – and very fun. His hair has thrown out some crazy shapes too!

R: Ru adores his brother, and enjoys irritating him in equal amounts. It’s amazing how siblings know exactly how to annoy each other. So sneaky. Ru always takes his socks off inside and I love hearing his bare feet slapping around on the wooden floor.

E xx

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#LittleLoves – walking, ‘camping’ and bread

I love weeks like this one – no plans, but somehow it comes together. We spent a lovely day yesterday walking, talking, playing and splashing in puddles at a country park. Win impatiently ate lots of almost ripe blackberries, and Ru mostly slept. Another highlight of the week was a trip to Rainbow Factory in Leeds. It was really fantastic and we’ll be back very soon.

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