An embarrassing moment at the dentist…and a review.

My most embarrassing moment happened in a dentist. Up until a few years ago I’d never had any work done on my teeth but on a visit I was told I needed to have six fillings. No biggie in the grand scheme of life, but I was completely shocked and had an instant meltdown. I could not stop crying (for over half an hour) and wanted to disappear in to the floor. The dentist wasn’t sure what to do and just carried on as usual whilst I was saying: “Sorry, just ignore that I’m crying”…and I did feel a tad guilty that Jared used his entire holiday savings so I could have white fillings. True love.

It all happened because I ate too much fruit when I worked full time. Work was close to a market and I would fill my drawer with fruit and nuts. It’s obvious now, but I didn’t think how detrimental it would be for my teeth. I’ve always looked after my teeth, so it was a big shock. Fruits such as nectarines, plums, oranges, apples, apricots and satsumas are particularly bad for your teeth because they are fibrous, or acidic.

My teeth are nothing special, but I am happy with them and there’s nothing not to like, I suppose? Weirdly I often dreamed about my teeth as a child and a teenager. Dreams where I would fell over, knock them all out and be devastated. It’s all a bit strange!

I always make sure I brush each side of every tooth, I use interdental brushes and I like mouthwash too. I’ve tried a few different types and Dentyl Active is by far my favourite. When I wake up my breath is fresh (well I think so) and after rinsing you are left with visible ‘bits in the sink’ that are bacteria and food particles. There are some sceptics that say it’s not, but whether it’s food particles or not, I’m glad they’re not in my mouth when I go to sleep!

dentyl active

E xx

We were sent a bottle of Dentyl Active mouthwash for the purpose of this review. 

Christmas traditions and Christmas morning

Since getting married, Jared and I have always managed to see both our families on Christmas Day. They don’t live super close, but neither of us can give them up – yet! We spend Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas Day half and half, then Boxing Day with Jared’s family, so overall it works quite well. We’re not ready to host our own little Christmas, but I’m starting to understand the appeal of waking up in our own house, just the the four of us. A tradition Jared and I are starting this year is our children opening their stockings first thing on our bed. Something he did as child, which I really love the idea of!

My Mum makes a lot of effort to make her home festive, provide gorgeous food and plenty of plans to spend quality time together. She also plans lovely things for the grandchildren, which she gets more and more excited about each year. It was tricky getting this snap at the weekend. grandchildrenWe’ve recently updated our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day schedule to make it more convenient for everybody. This has made me realise that it’s fine to update traditions…what’s the point in having traditions if they don’t maximise enjoyment? Continue reading

The 52 Project – 50/52


rufus hancock“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2014″.

W: Winston will only wear just shorts or shorts under trousers that is a challenge I’ve given up on. Not wanting to wear a jumper, cardigan or a coat is a challenge I will not be giving up on. I love that his little double chin is on show!

R: Ru has another ear infection, so the night time banshee has returned. He’s obviously in pain, so I feel terrible for him. The poor bean is on antibiotics.

Only two weeks left of the year. What will 2015 bring, I wonder?

E xx

‘Do Good This Advent’ Update

advent calendars

I’ve printed out my list of ‘Do Good This Advent’ and keep it in my bag at all times to remind me what I’m attempting to achieve. I’m about even with the number of days, which is a relief. The one I am struggling most with is trying to be a kind driver and walker. It appears that I have quite bad road and even worse buggy rage!

Two other little projects I’ve discovered along the way that are:

- Against Breast Cancer – bra recycling. I’m not someone who buys tonnes of bras, but I still managed to get rid of 9! I was amazed. You just pop them in a jiffy bag and post them off.

- Dettol Blanket – donating baby blankets. They can be excess, new or bought from a charity shop. Dettol will wash them and send them off. It’s a Freepost address too.

Both are items that most parents (and ladies) will have excess of…and without further ado. Here is my update: Continue reading

REVIEW: Snufflebabe

I’d forgotten how snuffly, ill and uncomfortable the first year can be for babies, and distressing for us as parents; as we desperately try to find out what is wrong – teething? colic? constipation? ear ache? cough? cold? hungry? tiredness? temperature? sore throat? A couple of weeks ago Winston went to stay with my parents for a few nights, so I was looking forward to getting to know Rufus better and taking him swimming. However, Rufus had other ideas, and was up almost every hour, both nights with a blocked nose and cough. His first opportunity since he was three days old to have our undivided attention, and he was ill. I felt so sorry for him!

On the day Winston left we received a whole range of Snufflebabe products to try out in the post (how did they know?) – and oh, how I ripped the packet open and got we using them! We’ve been fans of the Snufflebabe Vapour Rub since Winston was a baby, but I didn’t realise there were five other products out there to ease a variety of ailments. They are all available at supermarkets, Boots and Superdrug.

Snufflebabe Vapour Rub and Snufflebabe Vapour Oil contain the essential oils, eucalyptus, menthol and thyme (hooray! for aromatherapy). These oils help relieve congestion, which can be a huge problem when getting them to feed. I rub the vapour rub on his back and on the soles of his feet before bed, then add a few drops of the vapour oil in a bowl of hot water, and leave it in his bedroom. I found these two invaluable! and they can be used from 3 months of age.

snufflebabe-vapour-rubsnufflebabe-vapour-oil Continue reading